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Young Scholars Authors Program

Celebrating Our Youth

Society rarely takes the time to celebrate the everyday youth. We have developed the "Young Scholars" program that carefully selects youth who are creative, driven and ready to meet the world.   We tap into the "Extra-ordinary" unknown talents of these youth. 

This challenge has proven to be very rewarding for the students, and has been described as an instant self esteem booster. The students are required to write a short story based on the criteria they are presented, and submit their final stories by the due date. The students work closely with their teachers, and our team to reach the goal.

We celebrate, encourage, and support them, and were proud to introduce these published authors to the world. Due to the competitive process, all students must complete an application. 

Application Request

Complete the form below.  We will send you an email with the application and information about the Young Scholars Program.  If you have any questions, email us at info@locrotpublishers.com or call (888) 763-6595.

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